"The Wild Woman has a deep love of Nature, a love for the                     ancient Mother, though possibly misunderstood, it has always                    been in her. When she goes into the wilderness a part of her soul is going home,"



There are numerous uses and applications for our oils. Whether you're looking for a relaxing reminder during your meditation, an extra point of focus during your yoga class, or a little relief from an itchy bug bite, we've got you covered! Our oils and sprays are intended for topical use only and should not be ingested or used internally. In addition, our oils are not intended for infant or pet use. However, in the future we will be formulating some lower dilution blends for this purpose.  Typically our blends and other products contain a 2% dilution of essential oil. This means that our products will be gentle enough for most skin types, yet provide a robust scent.  



Our blends are handmade in small batches with the freshest ingredients possible. In order to provide the best, freshest products we believe it is important to reduce waste whenever possible.

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From beautiful aromatic room sprays to relaxation inducing blends for meditation, or whatever else, we've got you covered.


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